Digital Marketing Playbook 2020

Digital Marketing Playbook – 2020

The Digital Marketing Playbook is here for 2020! We know how fast digital marketing is changing. Our playbook started out as an internal project to ensure all our teams are up to date. This rapidly turned into our published annual Blue Thirst Digital Marketing Playbook.

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Our Playbook has been updated for 2020 with new chapters about new channels. This guide is written for the marketing manager who wants to be kept up to date with the latest trend and new opportunities within the digital marketing field.

We put our Playbook together to showcase the top channels that could form part of your marketing strategy. Some of these channels are very vertical and specific but worth knowing about. It is very exciting to see that speed of change in Digital Marketing is continuing to grow.

digital marketing playbook 2020

Included in this years playbook:

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