If you’re not using Pokémon Go this week as part of your local marketing campaigns, you’re missing out big time!

I’m going to assume you know what Pokémon Go is; if not, here is a great video to bring you up to speed:

OK, now you’re up to date with what Pokémon Go is, here are some stats on its usage:

1. The two most popular mobile apps, Clash Royale and Slitherio, had 1.67% & 0.84% among all Android phone users in America four days after launching. Pokémon Go hit 10.81%!
2. It’s estimated that the application is topping $2 million per day within the US market.

Pokémon Go exists on an exalted and unique level of its own. It is not an app success — it is a cultural phenomenon on par with Star Wars in 1977 or Turkish tulips in Netherlands in 1637.

Here are 3 ways to use this phenomenon to get users to your location:

1. Drop Lures to Bring in Trainers

Buy a lure module using the shop. Each lure lasts 30 minutes and brings Pokémon into the area that you have placed the lure. These new Pokémon can then be caught by players of the game. If you want people in your shop, cafe or bar, placing lures could attract a lot of these gamers to your location.

2. Target Pokémon Teams

Once you reach level 5 and visit you first gym in the game, Professor Willows will take you through the process of joining a team. There are currently 9 team options within the game. Offering discounts, offers or promotions to teams on different days will make users congregate at your location to exchange tips, ideas and strategies.

3. Gym Battles

As of yesterday, you can submit Pokémon gym requests and removal requests. If you have a gym within your location, people will come to you to battle within the game.

4. Offer Phone Charging

Although there is a setting to reduce battery consumption for users of this application, offering phone charging stations for customers will entice more users to your location while using this application.

If I ran a location business, I would be installing something like this:

charging station