Struggling with your products landing pages? Here are my top 5 SAAS landing pages and why they work!

1. Zendesk : The Zendesk landing page uses storytelling to create an emotional connection with its users. It includes a captivating headline, and a relevant and engaging video that immediately explains the service’s value proposition. The use of color to highlight the CTA button is an effective way of drawing the user’s attention.

2. Shopify : The landing page of Shopify clearly outlines the benefits and features of the product. There is a straightforward headline, easy navigation, and a clear CTA. They also offer a free trial that is highlighted, making it appealing and easy for visitors to engage with the platform.

3. Canva : Canva’s landing page offers a seamless user experience, with the CTA ‘Try Canva Pro free for 30 days’ standing out on the page. It includes a short, explanatory video of how the tool works, social proof in the form of big-name logos, and a clear list of benefits with corresponding icons, making the page visually engaging and the product’s value easily understood.

4. Intuit Mailchimp : Mailchimp’s landing page is designed with a simple layout and an appealing color scheme. The headline is clear, direct, and benefit-driven. The page also includes a video and an image showcasing the product, providing a clear understanding of what to expect. The CTA, ‘Pick A Plan’, is highlighted in a contrasting color, making it stand out and enticing users to click.

5. Slack: Slack’s landing page is a great example of simplicity and clarity. It uses clean design and a bright color palette that’s easy on the eyes. It includes a clear call-to-action (CTA) right at the top, making it easy for users to understand how to proceed. The page also includes high-quality visuals and a demo video, along with customer testimonials that enhance credibility.

In summary, the keys to a great SaaS landing page from a CRO perspective include a clear and compelling headline, a strong and visible call to action, social proof such as testimonials or customer logos, high-quality visuals or videos, and a simple, intuitive design. These elements combined can effectively drive visitor engagement and increase conversion rates.