Adwords: IF Functions – Tailor Ads by Device or Audience

Google have announced IF Functions, which is the ability to customise your ads based on either device or audience. The idea of this is to make your ads super relevant to the user, so if you want to show a promotion to cart abandoners, or new visitors; you can create an IF Function and the message that you create will automatically show to them.
Much like the countdown function on Adwords, where you can set an end date of a promotion, and your ads will automatically count down; which encourages more users to want to click. With IF Functions, your ads change automatically based on who you’re targeting.

If you want to target cart abandoners, ensure you have an audience list set up. Then you can start to create your first IF Function ad.

{=IF(audience IN (<userlist1>), text to insert): default text}

{=IF(audience IN(cart abandoners), 20% off your order!

So, this ad will only show to the audience that you’ve selected, so you could have multiple offers for different audiences. E.g. for returning visitors you could have an offer for 10% when you spend £20.00.

How to implement
Step 1. Create a new text ad as you normally would.
Step 2. Enter { in the description box and the following will appear:


Step 3. Select the condition type that you’d like to use, i.e. target mobile or specific audience list.


For more information on this, check out the Adwords support page – Click Here