Automation: the use or introduction of automatic equipment in a manufacturing or other process or facility.

Here at Blue Thirst we use automation to improve our ad performance and to save us time. There is nothing more tedious than spending valuable time in Google ads going through each account with a fine-tooth comb to check they’re working properly. So, we don’t. We use automation tools to do these tasks with ease so that we can get on with the more vital account tasks.


Supermetrics is the number one add-on for Google Sheets. We use this tool to create all the reports that we monitor and the reports we send out to clients. You can create custom reports pulling metrics from a wide variety of data sources.

We can combine data for all the accounts we manage into one sheet that we can check each morning to ensure everything’s running smoothly. Then we only need to go into the accounts that we have flagged as overspending, low performance or another issue. This allows us to quickly deal with these issues and then get on with other tasks.

These reports save an immeasurable amount of time when you manage a lot of accounts because once the report is setup, the data will always be pulled in. Supermetrics predict that by using their tool, marketers will save between 10 and 30 hours a month.

supermetrics graph

Google Ads Scripts

Google Developers have a section available on Google Ads Scripts. These can create reports to give you an account summary or to check keyword performance. They can work to adjust bids, from testing new bids to adjusting bids based on the weather. They can also be used to create alerts, so if you want to know when your negative keywords conflict with keywords, there’s a script for that.

These can all be setup in the scripts section of Google Ads to automate your accounts, to create alerts for anomalies and generally make your life a bit easier.

google ads solutions

Custom Scripting

Again, in the scripts section of Google Ads you can input your own custom scripts. There are plenty of places online to find custom scripts to automate different parts of your accounts, such as

We have custom scripts that can check eCommerce stock and prices which then update our ads based on that information. Scripts that can automate ads based on postcode locations and more. This makes our ads work hard for us and to produce results that we’re proud of.

These tools and scripts keep our accounts running at a high-performance level. They make sure we’re only spending money on the area’s worth doing so. They automate ads to run at the peak times for performance. They allow us to focus our time on other necessary tasks.