Yesterday was BIMA Digital Day.

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About BIMA

BIMA stands for British Interactive Media Association. It is a not-for-profit industry body that represents the digital industry in the UK. They run an event called Digital Day.

Their mission is to drive innovation and excellence across the digital industry. They work to bring the industry together to: Build connections, delivery thought leadership, recognise excellence and drive change.

They have UK Wide Councils in Scotland, the North West, the South and London. Each council has its own council chair and you can subscribe to updates for your area. There are a number of other councils for areas such as start-ups, charities, apprenticeships, mentoring and universities.

One aspect of BIMA that we have been involved in, is their Digital Day.

About Digital Day

BIMA Digital Day takes place every November. This year it was on the 13th of November.

The Digital Day sees digital professionals head back to schools to spend a day inspiring 13-16 year olds to get into digital career. Professionals are there to give students an insight into the wide range of career in digital, practical advice to get into digital and hands on experience tackling digital challenges.

The Digital Day is free for schools and agencies to participate in.

The day is based around a normal school day. In the morning students are introduced to their professionals and taught a bit about BIMA and working in digital. They are then divided into groups and set a challenge to solve. They spend the day researching, coming up with solutions and designing the best way to present their idea. At the end of the day the professionals score each presentation and winners are granted prizes.

Where We Went

Yesterday, Blue Thirst were at Poole High School for the BIMA Digital Day. Working with Year 10 students to solve the challenges sponsored by Vodafone, the BBC and the FA. All of the students worked amazingly throughout the day and came up with some incredible solutions to their challenges.

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Student Working at Computer Students working at computer


There were 3 challenges for the day, each group had to choose one.

The Vodafone challenge was to design a tool using AR (augmented reality) or VR (virtual reality) technology that would change the way we shop for food, fashion and homeware on the high street. They had to consider how to attract consumers to shops with new experiences, more information or a fun spin on a boring task. They also needed to consider the ability to bring high street shopping to remote, busy and/or disabled customers.

The BBC challenge was to develop a marketing idea to promote their new Earthlings series. They needed to think about creating a big impact, inspiring the audience and getting consumers to tune in every week. They had to let their imagination run free and could use new or traditional forms of media.

The FA challenge was to consider how you could use digital to increase the number of people following the England Women’s Football Team during the cup. Through watching matches or following their social channels. They also needed to find a solution to increase the number of girls aged 8-16 to give playing football a try at their local club.

BIMA challenges


For each challenge there was one winner, scores were based on research, idea, final design and presentation delivery. There was then one winner of a grand prix prize for best overall team performance throughout the day with final score also considered.

For the Vodafone challenge, a team called the Wise Yetis won. Their idea was to have a VR shopping experience, where there was an actual shop that had trolleys with 360-degree cameras and robotic arms. A user could control these trolleys from the comfort of their own home, making it ideal for remote or disabled customers.

For the FA challenge, a team called the 4 D’s of Digital won. Their idea was to use social media campaigns to promote the live matches and social channels. They also wanted to use these ads to encourage young girls to get involved with football.

For the BBC challenge, a team called the Computer Girls won. Their idea was to use social media advertising to promote trailers and videos for the new program.

The team that won the Grand Prix prize was a team called Team Spree. Their idea was to have a VR game which functions as a shopping experience. You create a user that can do the food shop and can try on clothes. You input your height, weight and measurements for effective clothes shopping. You could also create your home within the game, so when you shop for home items, you can view each item in a to scale version of your rooms.

Blue Thirst Judging

Why You Should Particpate?

BIMA Digital Day is the only digital initiative of its kind. For students it can be enlightening, inspiring and it gives them a real insight into the world of work in a digital career. The digital industry is booming but there’s a real skill shortage.

It’s also completely free to participate, so why not?