Bing Ads will soon be exclusively serving Yahoo search results.

At the Bing Ads web conference, Microsoft have announced a further partnership with Verizon Media. This enables Yahoo search traffic to be exclusively served by Bing advertising. This includes any search traffic from the Oath Ad Platforms.

Shortly, Bing, Yahoo and AOL will all be accessed under Bing Ads and managed in the platform.

The Bing announcement has stated that the expansion is going to benefit advertisers as there will be an increase in search volume. It is predicted that there will be a 10-15 percent increase in clicks on the Bing Ads marketplace. Most of the impact of this change will be felt in the US marketplace.

The transition between the two platforms is likely to take place between the 15th March and the 31st March this year.

If you’re a Oath Ad Platform user you’re likely concerned about how this could effect you. The recommendations are to copy your ads to Bing on the 15th March and keep both platforms running so that you avoid any loss of search volume during the transition. Then on the 31st March it’s likely that paid search traffic will stop fully on the Oath Ad Platforms and you can move all of your budgets over to the Bing Ads platform.

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