Bing Ads have released their new AI-powered Performance Insights Globally.

Announced on Monday 7th January, this new analytics and recommendation tool will help advertisers identify anomalies and changes in their ad performance at a glance.

According to Bing, “When unexpected performance changes happen within you account, the first question to ask is always ‘why?’ But you shouldn’t have to spend your valuable time doing detective work to get the answers.”

Performance insights detect when a significant or unexpected change has occurred, the machine learning automatically attempts to identify why it happened and then proactively informs you.

bing performance insights

In the example, an advertiser is reviewing their weekly click performance. The insight is available from the light bulb icon which appears next to the day that the anomaly occurred. After clicking on the icon, your will get a pop up which explains what happened, and any follow up actions you could take. It informs you about the account changes that have taken place recently and what you can do to fix the anomaly.

bing performance insight pop up

Currently you can only get the performance insights in two places: 1) your daily performance at the account level and 2) for click and impression KPIs. If you wish to remove an insight from your chart, simply click ‘Dismiss this Insight’.