Branding is a combination of your logo, brand colours, font and tone of voice. Your branding tells your customers about you and your product. It is a representation of your values and attitude as a brand. If your weight loss program or product is something you do because you want to be healthy, then this should be the basis of your brand.

One of the strongest parts of your brand as a weight loss program or product, should be the results. The results of your customers are an incredibly strong selling point for potential new customers. It shows new customers that they can achieve the same results if they work with you. When your clients or customers send in pictures of their results, make sure to get their consent for you to share. Then add your branding and use their review as the caption. This gives those results a direct association with your product.

These results can be used as part of your brand awareness strategy. The most successful businesses in the world are often considered ‘household names’ now, but it wasn’t always that way. These brands identified their unique selling point and leveraged their positive reviews to increase their brand awareness. Increased brand awareness = more sales because your customer base grows as your brand becomes more well known.

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How to get started

Brand awareness rarely happens overnight. It’s a process of building a strong brand, providing customers with great customer service and running brand awareness campaigns. You’ll be waiting a long time if you try to only grow your brand awareness organically.

Luckily, there are now some easy ways to promote your brand and build brand awareness using Google and Social Media platforms such as Facebook. Using Google, you can run display and video ads. These are the perfect way to build brand awareness across the internet. This is because Google are partnered with 1000’s of websites. Your display ads can show on any website in the Google Display network. You can also use display ads to remarket your brand to people who have visited your website, this means you could show up on any site they browse which is part of the display network. Your video ads would primarily show on YouTube. Again, these can be used for remarketing or to target an interested audience.

For brand awareness you can also use social media. Social media platforms are used by millions of users every single day. This is the ideal market to get in front of future customers. Facebook even has ad goals which aim to build your brand awareness or to increase your page like count. They could not make it any easier to assist you in your brand awareness goals! Facebook also has some of the best advert targeting options to really narrow down to audiences that will be interested in your brand. If you add the Facebook Pixel to your website, you can also retarget users using Facebook ads.

Brand awareness is not always a quick process. But it’s essential for success. If you nail your branding and provide excellent customer service, then you are on to a winner. Then you can use paid tools to boost your brand awareness. Sales are always the end goal for businesses, but brand awareness should be an essential part of your strategy to continue your growth.