Brand New: Google Marketing Platform

At the Google Marketing Live event it was announced that DoubleClick Digital Marketing and Google Analytics 360 Suite were going to be combined to become one: The Google Marketing Platform. This is being done to help advertisers plan, buy, measure and optimize digital media and customer experiences in one location. Google Marketing Platform is designed to help you deliver more relevant and effective marketing.

Google recently conducted a survey of global marketing organizations and found that the number one priority for marketers is to further understand their customers. Google Marketing Platform is ideal to achieve a customer-first approach due to all the collaborations it has to offer. Marketers have seen greatly improved results when they use ads and analytics together and Google Marketing Platform allows everyone on your marketing team to share insights and have a say. The new Integration Center is designed to help you discover and setup valuable connections between products, as well as this, Google Marketing Platform supports more than 100 integrations with exchanges, measurement solutions and other technology providers.

An example of its success lies with BookIt who used Analytics 360 to discover insights about the types of travelers interested in their brand. They then used these insights to create new campaigns in Display & Video 360 that were even more relevant to their audience. This resulted in a 20 percent increase in revenue!

With the Google Marketing Platform comes changes to some advertising products. DoubleClick Search is becoming Search Ads 360 and will continue to help you plan, buy, and measure your search campaigns on Google and other search engines. Meanwhile DoubleClick Bid Manager, Campaign Manager, Studio and Audience Center are becoming Display & Video 360.

Display & Video 360

Display & Video 360 is a single product that allows creative, data and media teams work as one to execute end-to-end campaigns. This will make it much easier for teams to work collaboratively and even more efficiently than before. Typically, the current digital campaign workflow can be complex and very manual which makes it increasingly hard to effectively collaborate. Display & Video 360 is here to change that. It allows teams to share data and insights at every step so that they can work with each other through the whole process with ease. Recent data from Google’s own Media Lab showed a 1.5x improvement in their campaign performance from being able to collaborate with ease.

Bid Manager is soon to become Display & Video 360, this will happen automatically and requires no action from customers. Campaigns will run uninterrupted by the change and Display & Video 360 will be organized into five modules to simplify the full campaign process. These modules will be: Campaigns, Audiences, Creatives, Inventory and Insights. These modules reflect the fact that Display & Video 360 is going to offer much more than just the programmatic capabilities of Bid Manager. It will include the campaign management, cross-platform measurements, creative and audience capabilities that you currently see in DoubleClick Campaign Manager, Studio and Audience Center.

Display & Video 360 not only allows you to collaborate, but it gives you real time analytics in the same place. Being able to see your real time analytics give you more control over your marketing strategy so that you can quickly see what is and isn’t working. As well as being able to see exactly how your money is being spent and where your ads are running across all your campaigns. Also, with the Built-in intelligence of Display & Video 360 it will automatically give you surface insights and recommendations, such as changing your budget to improve performance, so you can react quickly and achieve your goals.


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Google Marketing Platform Partners

Along with the Google Marketing Platform it was announced that there would be a new Google Marketing Platform Partners program. This is designed to ensure marketers have access to all the information they need to get the most value from the Google Marketing Platform.

Whether you want to build skills in-house or partner with a service provider, the program will ensure all the skills and resources are readily available.

There are three types of expertise on the program:

Certified individuals: Individuals can access a growing library of self-study material to complete individual product certification. Successful completion of all certifications will signal the individual’s expertise with Google Marketing Platform products.

Certified Companies: Will provide consulting, training, implementation, operations and technical support services. They will not only have individual certifications for one or more products, but have a high level of knowledge, practical and industry experience. These strict requirements ensure they have the expertise and ability to deliver results.

Sales Partners: Google Marketing Platform experts, just like Certified Companies, but more closely partnered with Google.

Display & Video 360 will begin to roll out to Bid Manager customers from late July.