Dynamic Ads Are Getting A Pre-Holiday Revamp.

Dynamic ads are getting brand new customizable overlays, and the recently launched video creation kit will be getting holiday-specific templates.

Facebook’s dynamic ads, that allow you to retarget users, already come with overlays for prices and discounts. But now, advertisers will have the ability to build their own overlays and create custom frames that co-ordinate with their campaign goals.

The video creation kit only launched in July but Facebook are already looking at ways to expand options for advertisers. In the coming weeks new holiday-specific templates and stickers will be rolled out.

Facebook Holiday Templates


Updates To Collection Ads

Facebooks instant storefront template is being integrated with its Collection ad format. This is going to make it possible for advertisers to highlight their products by organizing them into personalized groupings such as “Most Viewed”.

An extra layer of automation has also been added for Collection ads. Advertisers can upload their video and the template will automatically personalize the ads with products from the advertiser’s catalog. This is going to make the video creation process much easier for advertisers, while only showing people ads that are relevant to them.


Facebook Are Combining Website, App and Offline Purchase Data Into One View

Previously there have been three separate data points to analyse cost metrics: Cost per Website Purchase, Cost per Mobile App Purchase and Cost per Offline Purchase. These are now all going to be aggregated under a single Cost Per Purchase metric.

Facebook have stated: “You can still calculate channel-specific cost per metrics by dividing your total spend by the number of conversions from the channel you’re interested in.”

Facebook logo large on table


New Standard Event Actions

Standard Events allow advertisers to track actions on their website, app or offline through the Facebook Pixel. They are now getting eight new tracking options.

  • Contact
  • Customize Product
  • Donate
  • Find Location
  • Schedule
  • Start Trial
  • Submit Application
  • Subscribe

Facebook have identified that different businesses require customers to interact in different ways. These new tracking options will allow more businesses to understand their customer engagement both online and offline.


New App-Specific Metrics

Facebook is launching two new app-specific events: Ad Click and Ad Impression. This is for developers that have monetized their apps with Facebook ads. These metrics will offer advertisers the insights on how people find their app and how they engage with in-app ads.

Facebook have also mentioned removing some metrics, although they are yet to share this list.