Google AdWords has released a new Audience feature allowing advertisers to upload customer information to be matched with ad targeting. The new ‘Customer Match’ feature is being rolled out to AdWords currently.

Customer Match takes information supplied from advertisers and matches it with Google information on users, to show your ads to them across Google. The main types of information that can be used in Customer Match are email and phone numbers.

The process of setting up a Customer Match audience is simple. Advertisers must upload a data file to AdWords containing user information. Then Google does the rest. They will match your information with theirs to serve ads to your customers. Google says “AdWords will compare each hashed string on your list with the hashed string or email address of Google accounts. If there’s a match, we add the corresponding Google account to your Customer Match audience.”

customer match

Customer Match Platforms

Customer Match can be used in traditional Text ads, Shopping ads and Display ads. But advertisers can also use Customer Match on Gmail ads and YouTube video advert. For example; 

  • Using YouTube to reach new users with Similar Audiences.
  • Using Gmail to create personalised ads tat will drive engagement.
  • Adjust AdWords bids based on what you know about your users.
The Pro’s

Customer Match can be a great way to advertise to customers valuable to your business. By targeting ads to those you choose, you can increase engagement and performance of ads.

Customer Match also allows you to create ‘Similar Audiences’ – which are users that have similar interests/demographics as the users you provided. This is a great way to expand your reach and drive brand awareness.

Google’s Customer Match acts as an advanced Retargeting method, displaying your content to the most valuable audiences.

The Con’s

The only con with Google Customer Match depends on user preferences. As Google users have the option to control the ads they are shown, Customer Match ads can be removed and therefore this user cannot be targeted.

The new Customer Match feature will give advertisers a more direct strategy to target their most valuable customers.