Working in digital marketing and staying up to date with the latest tools and trends is hard enough. Add to that the ever-changing landscape of advertising channels and that equals a lot of knowledge you need to keep refreshed. We have all completed, seen or at least heard of some popular digital marketing qualifications, but how much do you know about them?

If you work in marketing, with an agency or are interested in working in marketing these are the qualifications you should be looking into.

Google Partner Certifications

These certifications make up part of obtaining the Google Partner badge, along with meeting performance criteria and advertising spend.

What are they: These are 4 online timed exams that cover Google Ads Search, Display, Video and Shopping.

How long does it take: If you are new to Google Ads, then you may want to start from the beginning with the Skillshop lessons online. However, if you are a dab hand then you could get a bit of revision and the 4exams done in about a week.

How much do they cost: Free on Skillshop

What benefits are there: Once complete, you can earn the Google Partner badge for your ad’s accounts. You may also get access to early access features, events and partner reward points.

Is it worth doing: If you work in PPC marketing this is one we definitely recommend getting. It is industry recognised and helps you stand out of the crowd from your competitors.

Google Analytics Individual Qualification (Google IQ)

This one is self-explanatory; it is the key certificate for Google Analytics and highly recognised in our industry.

What is it: The Google IQ is an online exam which tests your skills and knowledge of the Google Analytics platform.

How long does it take: You can use the Skillshop lessons to prepare for the exam and can be completed in under 2 days.

How much does it cost: Free on Skillshop

What benefits are there: Clients understand the power of Google Analytics and having this qualification can make all the difference.

Is it worth doing: Absolutely; it’s free, it doesn’t take up much time and it is industry recognised.

Microsoft Advertising Partner Program

If you work with Microsoft Advertising accounts, you should definitely consider becoming a Partner.

What is it: This program sees you become a recognised Microsoft Advertiser and probably comes with the most benefits.

How long does it take: To become a Partner you must sit a 100-question exam, but there are no time restrictions and the questions are pretty straight-forward. Once complete, you have a badge you can use on your website to show off you newly earnt qualification.

How much does it cost: Free via Microsoft Partners

What benefits are there: The opportunity to win contests, attend free training and events and get listed in a directory of the UKs qualified partners. Clients will be able to find and contact you directly from here, opening up a world of new business.

Is it worth doing: Yes, everyone working on Microsoft Ads should complete this

Facebook Blueprint Qualified

This one is great for social media advertisers who want to get in-depth knowledge on Facebook Ads and become qualified.

What is it: Facebook Blueprint is an online certification that allows you to become a Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate.

How long does it take: The training is extensive with hours’ worth of lessons, which I recommend completing because the questions can catch you out. The exam itself is 90 minutes but has very strict sitting criteria. You can either do it at a Pearson training centre or in your own environment. Your computer is locked, you have someone watching you throughout the exam and if any noise happens around you, you are disqualified.

How much does it cost: $150 per exam on Facebook Blueprint

What benefits are there: There are not many Blueprint certified individuals, in comparison to other certificates, so it’s a great way to stand out from the crowd.

Is it worth doing: Despite the very strict exam policies, the rigorous training and the high cost of the exam, many have found this certification to be useful. So, if you are working in social media marketing this is the certification for you.

So there we go, the top digital marketing certificates we recommend having. Here at Blue Thirst, our team work hard to stay up to date with qualifications and keep our knowledge at the best it can be.