[00:00:03] Everyone and welcome to this week’s news. We’ve got six top tips that we’re going to run through.

Googles Upgrades Click to Message Ads

So the first is Kishore Khan’s Amelia phrase the director of product management at Google has released a new version of our click team message ads and the main difference is kind of like clicked call which also populates a phone number into the phone click to message and it populates a message functionality we could message someone directly. The problem always will set this up with clients is to go to a phone number and someone have to have the phone. It had to be charged you know a lot of technical issues within an organization to make sure that that phone was up and running and knew what they kind of takes care of a number this sort of stuff so we can now forward these messages onto an email and we can use an auto reply to make sure that a user knows that the message has been sent. And also there’s some new analytics type features which rather than every single message being counted as a conversion we can now define the number of messages before a conversion is counted so it takes an example two messages for someone comes to the conversion you can count to check messages before that counts. So I think this is quite a new nice new interface and I think we’re going to use it in the same way as a contact form contact form that can be run straight from the search. And so we might not even need to bring someone to a website in order to get them to convert all contact forms yet quite an interesting one. [00:01:34][90.4]

Duplicated Content OK for SEO?

[00:01:35] And the next bit of news that’s been causing a little bit of a stir within the SCA community is a tweet from this fellow here Rackham Dutta who’s a blogger. And a founder of a company called Make Me. BATES He’s tweeted John who’s the webmaster trends analyst at Google and he’s asked quite an interesting question so we’re all very aware of duplicate content harming or SEO experts. I mean he’s asked the question directly is it harmful to copy and paste disclaimer and privacy policies for my other Web sites. Does Google hate it or is this bad for you. So is there a number of arguments about this already in the ACA space about do you really want these pages to be indexed and would have no follow no cruel be as effective and John simply replied that that wouldn’t be a problem. So yeah quite interesting one that Google may be selecting what it deems as duplicate content what’s important and what’s not. The next article comes from the Guardian and this is after the Cambridge journalist care and potential Russian spy scares. Facebook will get put in place. It was going to be on the 7th of November that any political advertiser has to identify themselves and kind of be pre-approved. And that’s now seems to be being pushed back. Which is interesting going along with that Brexit and is that going to be elections coming up in the future. So yeah it’s interesting that what was promised by Facebook is now kind of being pushed back a little bit our next bit of news it will measure any impact. So it. [00:03:15][100.0]

Facebook Stype Analytics for Instagram

[00:03:16] Is a roll out from Facebook analytics and this is better data from your Instagram accounts. So we have signed up for this in-house and we’re seeing quite interesting information around conversion rates. All the sorts of stuff the Facebook pixel gives you gives you into Facebook. We can now get for Instagram it’s quite a simple thing to sign up and put the link below it we just have to have the pixels stored or a website and then you can request access through this beta page. So I’ll put a link down below.


The next interesting story comes from a marketing lens and it’s quite interesting. They’ve released a video which bringing brands to people who love online stores during this holiday season. I hope I’ll link this video now and its basic brands that you advertise with Facebook on now being invited into pop up stores. It created a managed by Facebook. It’s only in America and in Macy’s in New York Pittsburgh Atlanta Fort Lauderdale Los Vegas Los Angeles and a few other cities in America. It could be quite an interesting one. The decline of British high streets is in the news quite a lot at the moment. This integration of online into offline into bricks and mortar is quite interesting and quite newsworthy at the moment.

Agencies Moving AdWords Budget to Amazon

And then our final art school is contributing a report that said CNBC commissions which is that some advertisers are leaving half of their search budget from Google into Amazon. We have reached an all launched Amazon as a new page service here. First and first results show that it is actually quite an effective channel. So we are achieving around a 5 percent cost to sale media costs of sale. [00:05:05][109.3]
[00:05:06] There is that of course Amazon’s commissioned the pay delivery costs to take into account. So if people are trying to get a Google CPC from Amazon it’s actually going to end up being quite a bit more expensive because you you’ve got immediate costs. You’ve got Amazon’s commission and you’ve got your digital prime payment costs. There’s also some issues around the boy box and Amazon so if you don’t advertise on Amazon at the moment you need to get the boy box before you can run any paid ads. And this is you have to create so many sales you have to have good feedback and it can be a bit of a pain to get the point. Box initially for you can then run the ads before you can obviously move half of your search budget to Amazon. And I guess the problem would be is if you moved your budget then you potentially lose the boy books and then you start me by transferring money back to Google. So yeah it’s interesting. Amazon is definitely stepping this up along with other channels like nicotine or upgraded or their app services. And so yeah Amazon is definitely something to watch from a media buying perspective. So that was our quick roundup of the news and we hope you enjoy it and we’ll see you again next week. [00:05:06]