The standard range of targeting options within Facebook is great for advertisers, but it can get even better. Accessing Experian data, such as Mosaic, can often help you in targeting the right people.

Mosaic is Experian’s latest, most comprehensive cross-channel classification system. It can allow you to understand your customers in great detail and communicate with them more effectively.

We found it very interesting, as we were able explore many different demographics and user groups. Some of the Mosaic UK types include Wealthy Landowners, Modern Parents, Career Builders and more. To find what works for you, it’s always best to test – we would recommend choosing the types of people you would like to target and then matching these up with the Mosiac user groups provided/deciding if any are relevant – there are quite a few to choose from!

It’s also a good idea to A/B test some advert sets: have one using normal Facebook targeting e.g. if your target audience was wealthy businessmen, you might choose demographics such as their financial income. Then have another advert set using the Experian Mosaic data, where you might pick (for the same target audience) demographics such as ‘Uptown Elite’, ‘World Class Wealth’  or ‘Premium Fortunes’. Keep everything else the same (e.g. location, age etc.). You can then run both ads for a period of time and see what has worked best for you.

You can also target other things than just Mosaic within Experian data, including Automotive, Financial, Gadgets/Electronics and more.

We understand it’s not for everyone and it might not suit the goals of every business, but what’s the harm in giving Experian data a try to see if it benefits you?