Export to China – The Blue Thirst Marketeers guide to exporting to China & live opportunities that exist

We have now left the EU but where are the new opportunities? Where should UK business now be looking to export?

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Export Guide to China

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Live export opportunities in China

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UK exporting is becoming increasingly popular to Chinese clients as China’s economy develops. China is emerging as one of the biggest trading partners in the world, so this is a logical place for UK exporters to look to expand their business. However, the UK government has recently approved a record-breaking export number of UK goods to China last year.

UK exports to China increased dramatically between 2021 and rose once again in 2021, to reach an all time high of over twelve billion pounds. There is therefore a strong business case for UK exporters to continue to invest in the UK export market to ensure they can keep experiencing rapid growth in this sector. One of the main reasons that UK exporters have seen such success in their exports to China is because they have utilized the country’s excellent access to the world market.

China’s economy is becoming more open and there are more opportunities for UK companies to sell their goods and services to the Chinese market. China is also one of the fastest-growing major economies in the world, which means that its products and services are constantly rising in value.

This is one of the main reasons why UK exporters are seeing such a large increase in business from Chinese clients. Because of the huge potential for UK exporters to sell their goods in China, it is essential that they get hold of accurate and up to date information regarding China’s trading policies and practices.

This means consulting trade statistics and knowing the basics about how different rates are calculated, and monitored, as well as reading the latest free-trade statistics on the current trend of exports to China. It is important for exporters to be aware of all of these factors if they want to maximize their profits and see a significant increase in their exported goods value.

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