Export to Singapore – The Blue Thirst Marketeers guide to exporting to Singapore & live opportunities that exist

We have now left the EU but where are the new opportunities? Where should UK business now be looking to export?

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Live export opportunities in Singapore

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UK exports to Singapore is a good option for those who want to start-up their business in Singapore. Singapore is emerging as an important global economic and trading power and provides many benefits for businesses.

This is because Singapore prides itself from having low taxation, a moderate climate and good public transport. In addition, Singapore has excellent business, political and social environment which scores very high in the criteria of making it an ideal place for exporters. For such a bright and promising country, it is not surprising that many European and American exporters are opting to trade with Singapore. Singapore offers several options for its consumers.

It offers various types of commercial activities like import and export of goods, and also a free trade area. Moreover, the government is keen on improving the local economy and so is willing to make available various infrastructure developments in the country.

The increased growth in the tourism industry is also adding to the rise in demand for goods from Europe and the United States. As far as distribution and shipping of goods is concerned, both these processes are well developed in Singapore.

There are various forwarding companies that ship goods from all over the UK to Singapore. Apart from this, there are many warehouses and suppliers in Singapore that can be used for the purpose. All in all, the scenario looks very positive for exporters to start-up their businesses in Singapore.

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