Facebook is a social media platform which allows users to create profiles about themselves, interact with others, follow pages etc., but you probably know that already.

Facebook is the social media platform with the most users (2.45 billion!), the 7th most visited site worldwide and the 3rd most visited site in the US (as of 2019).

Most people have used Facebook and nearly everyone has heard of it, but do most people know the history of Facebook?

The film the Social Network (2010) may linger in the minds of many detailing the conception of Facebook, time to fill in the gaps of what has happened since Facebook’s initial conception.

  • 2003: FaceMash is created, a site where 2 female Harvard students were pitted against each other and users cast their vote on who was more attractive (not cool).
  • 2004: TheFacebook.com was founded by Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes, 4 Harvard students. This was a site where Harvard students could create profiles and interact with each other.
  • 2006: Facebook became available to everyone, as long as they were 13 or older and had an email address.
  • 2007: Facebook introduced ads onto the platform.
  • 2012 (April): Facebook purchases Instagram.
  • 2012 (October): Facebook reaches a billion users.
  • 2014: Facebook purchases Whatsapp.
  • 2015: Instagram ads available around the world.
  • 2017: Facebook reaches 2 billion users.
  • 2019: Facebook introduces Facebook Dating, a new dating platform as a sub-set of the Facebook app.

History of Facebook