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This is only in the US currently, but Facebook will be rolling it out globally to Ads Manager in the coming weeks, so we thought we’d give you a heads up.

The roll out of Delivery Insights on Facebook’s Ad Manager is to help marketers better understand how well their ads are competing against others in the auction. It provides recommendations on how to edit your ad to make it more competitive and, ultimately, more successful.

Delivery Insights identifies ad sets that are aren’t performing so well and not reaching as many people as they are set up to. The new tool gives an explanation as to why the ad is under-delivering and suggests specific actions you can take to optimise your ad and make it more competitive at auction.

You will be able to find this feedback in the “Delivery” column at the campaign and ad set level in Ads Manager, as well as in a tab under “Tools”.

While announcing this in a blog post, Facebook also offered tips for advertisers to help you improve and get more value from your ads – see here