From October 24th this year, the Facebook pixel is changing.

In June 2017, Apple made changes to its Safari browser that affect the Facebook Pixel. This introduced Intelligent Tracking Prevention, this limited third-party trackers from capturing cross-site browsing data. They stated that this was to increase the privacy of user data. However, this caused issues for advertisers, as it meant they were no longer able to track site visitors after 24 hours of their interaction. Safari had the biggest effect on tablet and mobile devices, as a result of the iPad dominance of the tablet market. This meant that advertisers were losing millions of users that they could have targeted.

In September 2017, Google developed a new Analytics cookie for Google Ads, which gave them the ability to capture the data from Apple’s browser. Earlier this year, Microsoft also followed suit. Now Facebook is matching up. This does not effect consumers in any way, privacy and ad preference control will stay the same. Businesses also don’t need to do anything unless they want to opt-out of this change.