Facebook Story Ads have now been launched to all advertisers.

At the end of September, Facebook Story Ads were launched for Facebook Stories. This new ad format allows advertisers to promote their products through videos on the ‘Story’ feature in Facebook.

Facebook Stories were released in September 2016 and provides a social platform for users to share a photo or video with their friends. Much like Snapchat, the content will disappear after 24 hours.

Facebook launched ads in Instagram Stories in 2017 and the feature has now been released to Facebook Stories. Facebook began testing in May in 3 countries, but the feature is now available to all advertisers.

Facebook Stories sees over 300 million people using it daily and is reported to be a new major source of revenue.

KFC UK reported that their Stories Ads gained a 33% cost-per-view decrease and a 19% cost-per-impression decrease.

When talking to the users of Facebook Stories, 34% said that they went to a store to look for a product after seeing it in a story.

This also lead to over half saying that more online purchases were made as a result of seeing Stories.

To get started with Facebook Stories Ads, advertisers can select the placement in their video campaigns.