Following on from our last post, where we outlined custom audiences, locations, age and gender within Facebook’s targeting. In this post, we’ll be looking at detailed targeting and how you can target your audience in a very granular way.

Detailed Targeting

It’s split into 4 sections: Demographics, Interests, Behaviours & More Categories. These detailed targeting options can be based on various things, including what people share on their timelines, apps they use, ads they click, pages they engage with and activities on/off Facebook.


  • Education (education level, field of study, schools/universities)
  • Financial (income, net worth)
  • Generation (generation X, millennials)
  • Home (household composition)
  • Life events (anniversary, date of birth, “friends of”)
  • Parents (parents of various aged children)
  • Relationship (“interested in”, relationship status)
  • Work (employers, industries, job titles)


  • Business and industry (advertising, agriculture, banking, aviation, design, healthcare, management, property, retail, sales and more)
  • Entertainment (films, games, live events, music, reading, television)
  • Family and relationships (dating, family, fatherhood, friendship, marriage, motherhood parenting, weddings)
  • Fitness and wellness (bodybuilding, dieting, gyms, meditation, nutrition, exercise and more)
  • Food and drink (Alcoholic drink, beverages, cooking, cuisine, food, restaurants)
  • Hobbies and activities (arts and music, current events, home and garden, pets, politics, travel, vehicles)
  • Shopping and fashion (beauty, clothing, fashion accessories, shopping, toys)
  • Sports and outdoors (outdoor recreation, sports)
  • Technology (computers, consumer electronics)


  • Anniversary
  • Automotive
  • Charitable donations
  • Digital activities (console gaming, event creators and more)
  • Expats
  • Financial
  • Mobile device user
  • Multicultural affinity
  • Purchase behaviour
  • Residential profiles
  • Seasonal and events
  • Travel (commuters, frequent international travellers and more)

More Categories

  • Facebook categories
  • Experian (this is a targeting add-on to the Facebook targeting that is available through Experian)
  • Any other partner categories you’ve requested access to will appear here

You can use detailed targeting by INCLUDING people who match one of your chosen options, or EXCLUDE people who match one of your chosen options. You can also choose to NARROW AUDIENCE and if you add something to that field you can even NARROW FURTHER.

All of the sub-categories within these sections get even more granular FYI – what we’ve outlined above doesn’t cover everything you can target. You’ll need to have a look yourself and decide which targeting options are best suited to you and your campaign.