The Marketing Funnel and It’s Flaws

The marketing funnel has been the go-to marketing technique for years, and now that the digital marketing age is growing and changing, so are the goals and and approaches. The marketing funnel was discovered to be more of an approach to getting one-time customers, rather than repeat ones.

On the other hand, the new marketing flywheel model focuses more on keeping customers happy. It also concentrates on how to motivate them to come back for more. It leverages businesses to employ client marketing strategies. These include providing unique content, client blogs, in-person activities, and other ways to develop leads for the long term.

The action of the flywheel spinning perfectly captures how it works. This means that providing excellent customer service is by itself its own marketing approach. It also exemplifies how marketing assumes a pivotal role in the whole customer life cycle.

Having a very satisfied brand audience means that they’ll likely promote your products or services on their own. This, again, is word of mouth marketing, which remains the most effective marketing method.

Key Takeaways

  • The funnel has been set aside for the flywheel marketing model.
  • At the heart of the flywheel is the urgent need to provide high-quality customer service at all times.
  • It focuses more on keeping customers happy, which is the best way to convert them into brand advocates and for repeat business.

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