Today, on the 5th September, we are celebrating the International Day of Charity. A day recognised by the United Nations, recognising charity and volunteering. Here at Blue Thirst, we love getting involved with charity events and marketing.

Something many people may not know is that Google Ads offer grants to registered charities for their Google advertising. This allows charities to run pay-per-click text ads in Google Search results, gaining brand awareness, donations or volunteers.

Google Ad Grants Header

How does it work?

Google Charity Accounts work in the same way as standard ad accounts, only the advertising cost is covered by Google. Google Ads gives you a hefty $10,000 USD per month to spend on advertising, which is a great help for charities that may rely on donations.

With your account setup, you can manage it in-house which could be time-consuming with existing Google Ads knowledge required. Alternatively, you can have an experienced PPC agency, such as Blue Thirst, to manage your charity account.

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits of having a Google Ads grant. These include:

  • Opportunity to reach wider audience, potentially gaining donations, members or support.
  • Gain insight about your target audience with Google Analytics.
  • $10,000 USD of free advertising per month to spend growing your charity.
Are you eligible?

In order to get a charity grant, your charity must meet a set of requirements.

  1. You must be based in one of the 50 countries that Google Ads give grants to.
  2. You must be a registered charity.
  3. You must apply for Google for Non-Profits, a verified charity status.
  4. You must have a live website with credible content about your charity and the work you do.
What’s the catch?

Surely this grant sounds too good to be true, $10,000 USD completely free. Although there are some restrictions, it really is quite simple.

The restrictions on the account are as follows:

  • The adverts you run must be text only, with no image or video.
  • The keywords you use cannot have a bid price of more that $2.
  • Your ads will show in search results below fully paying advertisers.
  • The account must reach a 5% CTR each month or the account can be disabled.

Are you a charity looking to expand your support and digital presence? Why not apply for a Google Charity Grant to kick start your online advertising?