This February Google has announced 4 updates to Google Ads.

Click share is coming to Google Search campaigns

Click share is the percentage of the estimated total clicks that your ads could have gotten if they had more extensions, higher bids, or higher budgets. Click share will be available on campaign, ad group and keyword levels. It has been available for shopping campaigns for several years but is soon going to be available to Search campaigns.

Expanded audience and buying features for the YouTube Masthead

The YouTube Masthead is a video format that appears at the top of the YouTube home feed on mobile or desktop. Traditionally the Masthead has been reserved by one advertiser per country on a cost per day basis. Google are now experimenting on a different way to sell this ad space. Advertisers can purchase the space on a cost per thousand impression basis and even customise what audiences see it. The placement would remain as a reserved buy and there would be impression guarantees across campaign lengths which could last up to seven days ensuring visibility on days when it matters most to your brand.

More ways to drive results with TrueView for action

New bidding methods become available for TrueView for action campaigns this month, with Maximise Conversions this smart bidding strategy will use Google’s machine learning to get you as many conversions as possible within your campaigns budget. This can be useful to get your campaigns to the required 50 conversions per week to enable target cost per acquisition (CPA) bidding to use Google’s machine learning not just to get as many conversions as possible but to get them within a target CPA that you set.

Parallel tracking for Display and Video campaigns available May 1 2019

When someone clicks on an ad with URL tracking the browser must first load the tracking then start to load your landing page, this delay can add load time to a page that would otherwise load very quickly causing users to click away from your page because its taking too long to load. With parallel tracking, when someone clicks your ad, the landing page immediately begins to load while in the background the tracking URL loads allowing customers to see your landing page uninterrupted. This feature has been available with search campaigns for a while but starting from May 1st it will be available for Display and Video campaigns as well.