Google AdWords launched in October 2000 and two weeks ago Google announced the retirement of their DoubleClick and AdWords brands in their biggest rebranding yet.

From July 24th Google AdWords will become Google Ads. Meanwhile DoubleClick and Google Analytics 360 will be merging to become the Google Marketing Platform and the brand-new Google Ad Manager will be launched.

Google Ads will still have all the same features of Google AdWords: Search Network, Display Network and Video. The branding of the site and URL, now to be, will be changing. But the main change is intended to make it easier for businesses and advertisers to find the correct solution for their business. Google wanted to connect everything, from search to display to video, in order to make multi-channel advertising more seamless.

There will be new campaign types, specifically including a type to make it easier than ever for new starters in advertising and smaller businesses to create campaigns. Along with some additional machine learning features that will generate better results with less heavy lifting from you.

Smart Ads are also about to be the default setting on Google Ads. They are created in minutes to drive website visits, calls and physical store visits. When you create your campaign, you select the goal for your business, you can choose multiple goals which allows Google to craft the best plan to meet your KPIs. With these new ad types, it’s even easier to ad images to your ads. Automatically A/B test images and Google will pick the best performers to keep running. This is going to make it a quicker and easier process for small businesses so they don’t have to spend hours on AdWords.

Google Ads Logo

Along with the new Google Ads we will have the Google Ad Manager. This is intended to combine the DoubleClick Ad Exchange and DoubleClick for Publishers. With the update the DoubleClick interface is going to reflect the new Ad Manager branding. Unlike AdWords this platform is going to be used mainly by advertisers who are trying to reach audiences via TV, live streams, AMP, gaming and more.

The third and final change is the development of the Google Marketing Platform. This is going to merge the DoubleClick advertiser network and Google Analytics 360 in to one platform. This merger is geared towards marketing teams who want to use their analytics and ads together so they get better reporting and understanding of their results. On the Google Marketing Platform you will be able to plan, buy, measure and optimize digital media and the customer experience in one platform. It is also going to include new 360⁰ features for Display and Video.

google marketing platform

Google Ads is going to be an enhanced version of Google AdWords. The same features you’re used to with even more tools to enhance your marketing strategies. Google Ad Manager will make it even easier to reach audiences beyond search, display and video. While Google Marketing Platform is going to enhance the abilities of marketing teams worldwide to bring businesses an even more interactive ad experience.