Six months ago, Google gave the Assistant a major visual refresh on phones.

This is now being followed up with a new update which introduces new types of rich results, including more visual and interactive elements, so that you don’t need to leave the Assistant for more information.

The new update is ensuring that results cards are clearly representing the key information for the search. There will also be a new interface for different categories, such as events, which will now show a direct list of events in your area. However, the main feature of the update, is the new tools. Such as, colour picker, tip calculator, mortgage calculator and bubble level. All which can be used directly from Assistant.

google assistant events

For web searches, Google are improving the interface so that you see a full set of results, instead of the previous layout that wasn’t exactly user-friendly. Except now, at the top of search results, there will be some adverts. As it stands, there will only be ads on a small number of queries for now. But as you can imagine, users are concerned with the introduction of ads to the platform.

It’s thought that the use of ads in the Assistant went through testing in February, when users reported seeing ads in their Assistant answers. Although Google didn’t make any official comment on this.

google assistant interactive tools