In February 2018, a member of the Blue Thirst team attended the Google Bootcamp at the London Head Office. Exclusively for Google Partner agencies, the days consisted of handy tips and insights into AdWords knowledge.

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The day was run by Thomas Mokosh and Larissa Verduzco, Google Enablement Managers, who led attendees through the steps to creating perfect AdWords campaigns. The day had three goals:
1. Set foundations on the range of Google products on offer.
2. Help attendees improve campaign performance.
3. Discuss successful strategies to help in attendee’s daily jobs.

The agenda began with an overview of the top digital trends to come in 2018. These were; Assistive experiences, machine learning, personalised marketing, an increase in video and more immersive experiences. This gives advertisers an understanding on what forms their digital marketing will take this year.

Identifying Client Goals

Next, we were taught about how to identify the goals of clients to get the most out of your campaigns.

1. Business goals

What are the overall goals of the business? Is it to generate more revenue or steal market share from competitors?

2. Marketing Goals

Identify what your client wants to get out of marketing, whether it is increasing customer leads or to sell more products.

3. Media Goals

The questions that should be asked for this are; who do you want to reach and how do you want to do it?

4. Campaign Goals

Lastly, you set goals for the campaigns and how this performance will be measured.

Smart Bidding

After a well-earned lunch break, the day continued with lectures on Smart Bidding and how automation can be used in AdWords. Currently, 80% of advertisers time is spent on manual bidding, leaving only 20% on strategy. With Smart Bidding, more time can be freed through the power of automation. New to Smart Bidding, read our recent blog post here.

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The day was packed full of tips and tricks, and a great way to refresh AdWordsskills to get the most from our campaigns.

Source: Google Partners, Google Bootcamp 2018