Google Conversational Ads have recently been rolled out through a platform called AdLingo.

These are ads that query users and respond to them. Users will be able to engage with a chat feature that is placed directly in a display ad. They can directly ask questions and receive answers without having to navigate to the website. AdLingo ads show through the Google Display Network and they use CPM bidding. This feature isn’t currently showing in the Google Ads interface. It appears as if you need to go directly to the AdLingo website to request access and launch campaigns.

mobile conversational ad

Need To Know

In order to use these ads, you need to have a conversational assistant already built. This can be done through Dialogflow, Microsoft Bot Framework, Blip or LiveEngage. They can request access for other integrations, so eventually this list should expand.

If you’re concerned about privacy, AdLingo does not store the transcript records. Users can control how transcripts are stored in the platform they use for their chat bot.

mobile conversational ad


These are a unique format which is going to really stand out from other display ads. However, advertising is all about engaging users at specific points in their journey. So trying to engage directly with users who aren’t at that stage yet, may not work as well as other formats.

A lot of the performance is also going to rely on the quality of information that brands have put into their conversational assistant. A study by Drift, found that more than half of users are comfortable with chatbots to answer simple questions. These conversations could narrow down the product a user is looking for and they information about that product.

However, for more complex questions, the percentage drops below half of users who would engage with a chatbot for these issues. Therefore, these types of ads won’t work for all industries.


In conclusion, these ads are a great new creative for advertisers to test. They may not work well for all industries, depending on complexity. But they will catch the eye of users due to their interactive format. Hopefully, these ads will be available to create through the Google Ads platform soon.