iPhone users, rejoice! Google finally announced yesterday that it was launching the iOS AdWords app globally, so now marketers can manage and monitor their online ad campaigns on the go. The launch comes almost 11 months after Google announced the AdWords app for Android.

In the new iOS app, you will be able to carry out many campaign activities:

  • Advertisers can monitor aspects of their campaign performance (e.g. clicks, CTR, CPC)
  • Update your budgets and bids on keywords
  • Take action on helpful campaign suggestions
  • Get real-time notifications about billing and ad status
  • You can even call a Google AdWords expert through the app for advice/support if you need it


Google also shared some quotes regarding the app from a few companies, including PMG who said “The consumer shift to mobile means our retail clients’ campaigns have to be responsive to meet the needs of consumers at all times of the day. The app makes it easy for us to address issues without being chained to our laptops. PMG has been able to deliver prompt account adjustments from campaign to keyword level for our clients, as well as keep our customer satisfaction rates high.”

It makes sense that Google would release this app, as they are pushing mobile advertising more heavily, and now advertisers can manage their campaigns while out and about.

Download the app from the App Store now