Google Life Events Targeting has been released to all users.

Google has been increasingly investing into audience targeting instead of keywords. Expanding on their remarketing and similar audiences.

Google caused a stir earlier this year, when they announced their intention to develop targeting based on major life events. As of yesterday, August 23rd 2018, all advertisers and agencies can now take advantage of this targeting.

Currently, Life Event Targeting can only be applied to Video and Gmail campaigns at the ad group level.

Get Started

First you’ll need to go to the ad group that you want your audience to be applied to. Navigate to audiences and add new, then select “What they are actively researching or planning?”

targeting options

Then under the Life Events option you will find a list of expandable options from College Graduations and Moving House to Home Renovations and New Pets.

life events list

Under each event there are a minimum of two options. Covering users preparing for a big event or immediately following a big event. Such as moving soon and recently moved.

moving life events

Life Events have the ability to be layered with other targeting options to refine your audience. With Gmail, your audience can be used as a target or as an observation. Life Events can also be added as exclusion audiences at a campaign or an ad group level.

Advantages of Life Event Targeting

Real world life events have a massive impact on how users engage with certain types of businesses and services. The addition of life event targeting is going to allow Job Search Services to target users who are about to graduate or have just graduated. Wedding DJs, florists and caterers will now be able to target users that are getting married soon. As well as this local business will be able to target users who have recently moved for a variety of services they may need in a new area.

Woman in Graduation capwedding shoes