Yesterday, Google hosted their first day of Google Marketing Live in San Francisco. The highly anticipated event takes place each year and is where all the big Google announcements for the year are made.

At Google Marketing Live in 2018, Google announced the exciting re-brand of Google AdWords to Google Ads. Alongside this, Responsive Search Ads, Smart campaigns and Hotel campaigns were announced.

So, what has been teased so far this year?

Discovery Ads

Google has said that there will be a new format of Display Ads called Discovery Ads, specifically designed for mobile users. These new ads will run in the Google Discover feed, such as on YouTube or mobile apps. Interestingly, the new ads are optimised by Google with machine learning to reach the most valuable users. Google said the new ads are “visually rich, mobile first and use the ‘power of intent.”

Google Discovery Ads

Gallery Ads

Another type of Display ad that was announced yesterday were Gallery Ads which show at the top of Google search results on mobile as a scrollable gallery. These have previously been tested with movie trailers. Gallery Ads will work on a CPC basis, but can be charged for a click or ‘swipe’.

Showcase Shopping Ads

Although not new to Google Ads, these ads will be given a research with a new inventory to allow them to show for non-branded, more generic terms in Google Images. These ads will allow users to find your products directly from images they like the look of. Perfect for eCommerce clients looking to catch your users’ eyes.

Google Showcase Shopping Ads

App Deep Linking

This new feature is a bit more technical but could significantly improve the use of app to purchase journey. App Deep linking will allow advertisers to send users from a Search, Shopping or Display ad to mobile app where they can purchase or convert within the app. Google has previously said that Deep Linking ‘on average…drove 2X the conversion rates.’ This is a great feature for app-based companies who have previously been left out of the picture with standard Google ads.

The announcements so far have been very promising for the ongoing development of Google Ads. With more Machine Learning being integrated into the accounts, your campaigns will be at their peak and reach the users most valuable to you.Set featured image