Google have recently released a new mobile shopping feature to give users a quick and easy way to browse for products.

New Google Shopping Features

Mobile shopping adverts on Google will now have a ‘Quick View’ option which will provide the basic details on pricing, photos and product description. The new feature will show users similar or related products, giving them more of an insight into the website’s products. Users will also be able to check if the product is on sale.

Google understands that researching a product before buying is a top priority for consumers. Another new feature named ‘knowledge panel’ will allow users to see product products, videos, reviews and descriptions related to the item they are searching. This will allow an accessible research panel which could be the fine line between a user buying a product or not.


Voice Shopping with Google Assistant

Google Assistant is Google’s top-rated voice-search device, perfect for people on the go. In 2017, the market share for Google Home grew from 6.7% to 14.7%.

Forgot the order that Christmas present for that special someone? You can now shop with Google Assistant and purchase items with your voice alone. Currently, people are using their Google Home devices to stock up on essentials. But now users can purchase every gift. Google stated they are seeing more searches for products ‘including kitchen tools like basting brushes to perfectly glaze those Thanksgiving dishes, toys to slip under the tree, or fuzzy blankets to keep warm by the fireplace.’

What does this mean for advertisers?

The new feature coming to shopping ads will now mean that users can view more details on the product without clicking onto the website. If they like what they see, it may increase conversions and clicks. However, it may also mean that competition is higher now that users are show similar/related products. To avoid this, advertisers should aim to make their ‘Quick View’ adverts as engaging as possible, with mentions of promotions and sales.

For advertisers, Google shopping will give users the top shopping ads showing for the product they are searching for. So, if your shopping ads have a high rank, the voice-search revelation could boost your sales.

So, whether you are searching on your mobile and browsing shopping ads or using Google Assistant to buy your gifts, Google’s new features is sure to ease shopping over the Festive period.

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