Video ads are a great way to entice customers, they open up much more possibility than plain old text ads and advance on static image creative. Video ads combine moving images, sound and text overlay to create an experience for customers. Video ads can be more easily enjoyed by customers and so can help with brand retention.

Brands can use video ads to connect with their customers, to create an emotional experience. The combination of media paired with the story-telling capabilities make videos a powerful tool in the hands of marketers. What sets video ads apart is that they can sell an ideal rather than just a product. The nature of videos allows them to show a variety of content in one concise package. Videos can show the product, what it does and how it makes you feel.

This is the beauty of video ads, you can sell an ideal. Humans are emotional beings and want to feel things and the pitch of video adverts can be to sell this feeling.  It’s no lie that we humans buy much more than what we need. And why is that? Because we want to feel good, aside from the basics and necessities, we buy things to make us feel good. This is where video ads come into play as an effective tool.

Video ads can display the emotion that a customer will feel if they purchase. Now, we know that not everyone will feel that way after purchasing but it doesn’t stop people from trying. The techniques of video can convey the gateway that such products will have for happiness. Whether they are selling confidence, security or relaxation video ads can connect products to people on an emotional level. And this resonates with (most) people.

The fact that video ad placements (intentionally or not) are where people go to feel emotion certainly help their cause. Appearing on social media, places where people are already in the market to feel good, video ads can tap into the accessible emotion of customers.

In a day and age where consumerism is massive, video ads help brands generate revenue by selling not just a product, but an ideal as well.