There are many of us, mainly marketers, who would like nothing more than the feature of multiple account log-in on the iOS Instagram app, and that feature might be coming sooner than you think. Some iPhone users have been seeing the feature on iOS recently. Unfortunately, the option isn’t available to everyone at the moment; Android users can gain access to the new feature by joining the Instagram beta community, but iPhone users will have to wait as it seems to be in the testing phase currently, so only random users are getting access to the option.

Multiple account support would benefit marketers greatly, as before now, you either had to stick to one Instagram profile or frequently log in and out of various accounts. The network has become very popular, and for marketers who use Instagram as an important advertising platform, neither of these methods are efficient or ideal.

Hopefully this is implemented, as it will prove to be an extremely valuable feature for marketers who promote businesses through Instagram.

To see if you’ve been one of the random users to get this feature in the testing phase, follow these steps:

  • Get rid of the app if it’s open in the background (double tap on the home button and slide up on the Instagram app)
  • Open the app again, click on your profile, and click on settings
  • Scroll down; if you’re one of the chosen few, you’ll see an ‘Add Account’ option near the bottom
  • If you don’t see anything like that, unfortunately you’ll just have to wait like the rest of us.