With tax season approaching many business owners are in the market for a new accountant. Due to this increased demand the market is saturated with ads from every accountancy firm around. Is your accountancy firm getting lost in the crowd?

1. Consider your USPs

The best way to stand out from the crowd is by having strong unique selling points (USPs) for your business. You should consider what makes you different to your competitors and what you can offer to give your clients a better service.

2. When do people usually change accountant?

This will tell you exactly when to capitalise on your marketing efforts and give you the best chance of winning new clients. The time that people tend to change accounts can vary per situation, industry and job role.

Based on the idea that customers only change accountant every 5 years. You can assume in any given month, there are only 1.6% of customers actively searching for a new accountant. This means that you can’t base your whole plan on just selling.

3. Build a Reputable Brand

Although your customer base may not be actively looking for an accountant, there are things you can do to increase your brand awareness and get seen by your potential future customers. You should use an organic strategy to make your brand better known. This could be by writing blog posts on your website, publishing social posts on your Facebook page and working on your website’s SEO.

These are free ways to start getting your brand seen by future clients and are relatively easy to start today.

4. Try Paid Ads

The above organic strategy is effective however it can be timely. Instead, you could look to start running paid ads across Google, email and social media platforms. These advertising options are flexible and work around your budget, no matter how small.

Paid ads are a great way to guarantee your brand is being seen and you will only pay when your ad is interacted with.

This might seem a bit overwhelming, but we are here to help if you need help with your ad accounts.