Customers have too much choice these days when picking a restaurant to eat at. Don’t get left behind. We will show customers how great your restaurant chain is.

It goes without saying that this year has been tough for any business in the service, food and hospitality industry. However, with hope on the horizon now is the perfect time to build brand awareness for your restaurant chain to kick start your 2021.

In this blog post, we will discuss how to build your brand awareness on Google through a variety of paid and organic methods.

What is brand awareness?

To put it simply, brand awareness is how well your business or brand is known to your target audience. There is no specific metric to measure brand awareness against, however you want your audience to be able to recall and recognise you without having to explain who you are.

Before starting to build any brand awareness, you must ensure you fully understand what your brand is, your values and the services you offer. You also want to have your logo, brand colours and on-brand messaging to hand.

What is the goal of brand awareness?

The goal is to make your restaurant a household name, making it so well known that the customer doesn’t think twice about seeing your name. This in turn will make you better known and increase your customer base significantly.

Here are the top ways to boost brand awareness for your restaurant on Google.

1. Reach Customers on YouTube

A sure fire way to get your brand recognised is by running YouTube ads, via Google Ads, to your target audience. For this you will need a brand video showcasing your restaurant that should be in line with your brand messaging, tone of voice and identity.

Your video can be used to target your audiences on YouTube to a very granular level. Are you only able to deliver food to 5 miles from your restaurant? No problem, you can set this location targeting up.

2. Improve Your SEO for Google Search Results

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is a great organic way to improve brand visibility. SEO is the method of making your website friendly for Google so you sit higher in Google search results. By doing this, you can make your website more visible to users searching which can increase organic traffic to the website.

Although SEO is not a quick process, by working with an expert agency your SEO efforts will pay off down the line when your restaurant’s website is the first website in Google search results.

3. Use Google My Business

This is a free service for businesses on Google where you can list information about your restaurant. You can also use it to collect reviews, share updates and post photos. If you do not have a Google My Business profile setup, I recommend doing this now.

This profile will make your restaurant much more visible to those looking for local restaurants, specifically in Google Maps. Your name will get in front of many more people. Plus its free!

google my business profile

4. Run Google Search Ads

Another great way to improve your brand awareness is through Google Search Ads. These ads are created in a way bespoke to your brand messaging, location and target audience. The amount you spent is flexible and you can use bidding to ensure you show in position 1 of search results.

By running search ads that bid on your brand name as a keyword, this increases your brand visibility and will be the first result users see when they search for your restaurant. You could also branch out further to bid on different keywords, such as ‘restaurant near me’, to gain visibility and get users to your website.

Make 2021 the year for your restaurant to shine by increasing your brand awareness today. If you want to know more about any of these tips, contact us today for a no obligation chat.