Google is set to release a new ‘Sitelink Carousel’ feature within paid search ads on mobile and tablet devices.

A  new Sitelink Carousel feature will give users further links on one website below a Google search ad. Similar to Google’s existing Visual Sitelinks feature, the carousel aims to make online searches even easier for users.


So how will the carousel work?

The carousel feature will be shown below a Google AdWords ad as interactive buttons. For example, you may search for ‘Chairs’ on your mobile device and find an advert for chairs. However, instead of displaying only one link to a chair seller, the Sitelink Carousel will allow you to select further links for that site such as, ‘office chairs’ or ‘garden chairs’. The feature will be a carousel style in which you can swipe left and right to see more options.

Additionally, Google’s callouts and snippets feature will now appear combined with the ad (rather than on separated lines). This means that the AdWords ad will be more informative for users.

So, what does this mean for PPC marketing?

By giving users more options within a search ad to different parts of a website, it could have many positive influences on PPC marketing. Firstly, this feature will increase visibility for key actions on a website. Ultimately, this can boost your website’s clicks and impressions, enabled by the multiple choices fora site. These extra options will make your website largely accessible from the minute a search is done. Google stated “we’re simplifying how mobile sitelinks will show by using both horizontal buttons and larger vertical links.” Google research suggested that this new feature will make users two times more likely to interact with the ad, an impressive statistic for PPC businesses.

Though this change will be a great advancement for the visibility of a website, it seems not much will change for Advertisers and service will resume as usual.

A release date is yet to be confirmed. The feature will be visible on mobile and tablet devices only.