Target beyond the keyword – customers might use the same search query but behave very differently.

Did you know:

56% of sporting goods searchers on mobile are female
45% of home improvements searches on mobile are female
68% of skin and body care influencers in the past 6 months were men
40% of all baby product purchasers live in households without children
Only 31% of mobile searchers for video games are men aged 18 to 34


Strategy 1: How to save money by targeting a customer by keyword and modifying bid price by age.

There is a simple report in Google Analytics under Audience > Demographic > Age where you can review the average order value of age group.

Example Data:

age by AOV

If the goal is to maintain a 2% CPS (cost per sale) i.e. £2 to generate £100 revenue, in the below example we have to modify the cost per sale based on the average order value (AOV) using the following equation:

Start CPS /(Current COS / Target COS) = New CPS

2% cost per sale

We can take this further and project what modification is needed to the cost per click (cpc) if a 20% COS is required across all demographics.

(AOV * Conversion rate) / Target COS% = Adjusted CPC

adjusted cpc

In the above instance, we are saving budget by spending less on all age groups apart from 45-54, which is getting a 5% increase in CPC budget.

Strategy 2: How to make more revenue with specific age group product targeting

Analyse your product sales by age group and then create landing pages with suitably ordered / displayed products to ensure that the products displayed are the products most likely to be purchased.

Step 1 – Create an advanced segment of the Age / Sex that you are interested in within Google Analytics

advanced segment

Step 2 –  Set Keyword / Campaign / Ad Group that you want to see the product performance for

advanced segment 2

Step 3 – Review the product performance for that segment

View the report CONVERSIONS > Ecommerce > Product Performance – this will give you a list of all of the products purchased by this user group.  Create secondary di

product list

Step 4 – Create specific campaigns

Using the data from strategy 1, let’s assume in this example is an Ecommerce watch client and the goal is to target different ad copy and landing pages based on historical purchase patterns.

We have calculated the adjusted CPC based on age, conversion rate and AOV and in this instance we can only profitably target two of the age groups with the generic term [mens watches] and project a 20% COS.

Campaign Structure

campaign strucutre

Bid Adjustments by Ad Group

Now that we are building ad groups, we need to set our demographic bid modifiers and they would look like this:

bid modifiers

The max modifier adjustment is -90% but this should drop the CPC way below the minimum bid price for the auction – in this instance, any traffic purchased at this price would also project at being profitable. (adjusted cpc target table)

These are all adjusted within Audiences > Demographics > Ages and looks like this:

demographic modifiers

Final Results

We can create specific Ad Copy tailored with messaging for that specific demographic.


We can send specific demographics searching with the same keyword to tailored landing pages.

final solution