Google AdWords are always rolling out new, useful features to improve user experience and make account management easier. October has seen some exciting updates from new interfaces to adjustments to AdWords overspend, which you can read about below.

Faster AdWords Experience Available to All Advertisers

As of 11th October 2017, Google introduced the new AdWords interface to all advertisers. Google aimed to make a ‘faster and more intuitive AdWords that’s focused on helping you reach your business goals’.

The biggest change to AdWords is the appearance and layout of the interface. Google have aimed to remove the clutter to help users navigate on AdWords, giving you options to add Ad Extensions in bulk, rather than individually. The interface has faster loading times – on average by 20% – meaning advertisers can quickly access information without searching high and low. Alongside the new experience, Google have added a new AdWords page called ‘Call Bid Adjustments’. In this, advertisers can control how often a call option appears in a search ad for a business.

The new interface will definitely take some getting used to for users that have learnt with the previous AdWords. But with the promise of bulk editing and faster loading times- is the new AdWords an exciting step forward?


Location Extensions Available for YouTube Adverts

Also in October, Google  released a new AdWords feature allowing advertisers to include Location Extensions and ‘Store Visits Measurement’ for their YouTube True-View adverts. By adding location extensions, people that watch your video adverts will be shown details on your business address, directions to you and business hours. ‘Store Visit Measurements’ can then be used to assess if the video campaigns attract traffic in-store.

This exciting feature would be perfect for businesses looking to drive traffic to their physical stores.

Daily Budgets Made More Flexible to Hit Goals

AdWords have made an update affecting how much they can overspend on your AdWords account per day. Until recently, AdWords have stated that campaigns can overspend the daily budget by up to 20%. However, since 4th October 2017, AdWords can now overspend by 2x the daily budget.

Are you shocked by this new  that Google can charge you two times your specified budget? Don’t be. Google ensure that on some days campaigns can overspend by 2x however, this overspend is balanced out across the duration of the month.

To be clear- you will never be charged more than your monthly charging limit (average no. of days in a month multiplied by average daily budget).

Ad Extensions Available in Call-Only Ads

Google has introduced the new feature of including Ad Extensions into Call-Only Ads. This new feature allows advertisers to show relevant information on a company’s products and services. The Ad Extensions now available to be used in Call-Only Ads are; Location Extensions, Call Extensions and Structured Snippets.

Google state that by putting new extensions into Call-Only Ads, Click-Through Rate (CTR) can be improved by up to 10%.


These new features give advertisers new methods to be advertising with. Google continue to release new AdWords features each month, creating new ways for advertisers to get the most out of their AdWords experience.

More information can be found on the new features discussed above here.