As we fly through December, approaching the start of 2018, we have taken some time to look back on the new 2017 features to AdWords from each month.

The biggest and most impacting change is the release of the new AdWords interface. In October, the new interface became available to all advertisers bringing a promise of being on average 20% faster than the old interface. There are mixed reviews on the introduction of the new interface, but what do you think of it?


January 2017

The top feature released in January gave advertisers the ability to share negative keyword lists across different accounts. This means that any account linked to your manager account can have the same negative keyword lists. A great feature for transferring lists from an old account to a new.

March 2017

The top feature released in March allowed advertisers to automatically show their product prices to customers with price extensions. Price extensions allow item cost to be shown to users across all devices, giving them real time prices. This feature is great for advertisers that want to change product prices without the hassle of changing extensions.

May 2017

May saw the release of two big features. Firstly, improved Quality Score Reporting. New metrics were made available to users including historical quality score, historical landing page experience and historical expected CTR. This gives advertisers a direct comparison of how keywords performed before, perhaps a site change.

Secondly, the similar audience feature was released to allow advertisers to find customers similar to their best customers. It works on customer interests and can be used in Search and Shopping campaigns.

June 2017

In June, Google released a new version of AdWords Editor (1.2) which allowed custom rules to build high performing campaigns. Also released were dynamic sitelinks making extensions more relevant.

July 2017

In July, a new feature was announced allowing call bid adjustments, whereby advertisers can control how often the call option appears on search ads. This can be used to drive valuable calls by bid adjustments.

August 2017

An August feature that was released gave advertisers the chance to create cross-account report in Report Editor. This is great for those looking to compare performance of their different clients.

October 2017

October saw the release of a handful of features that greatly impacted Adwords marketing. We wrote about it in a blog post last month. Haven’t read it yet? Click here.

November 2017

Last month, AdWords released a new kind of ad extension, Promotion Extensions. In these, advertisers can market their product promotions or sales in adverts where they matter the most. This feature, however, is only available in the new AdWords interface.

What features await announcement in 2018?