With the British summertime quickly approaching, did you know that you should be optimising your campaigns for the new season? In every marketing campaign, updates should be made depending on the season to gain the best ROI. Here are a few easy tops to get your campaigns summer ready.
Back to Basics…

You may be thinking- where do I even start optimising my campaigns for the summer? The best way to get ideas is to go back to the beginning steps of creating campaigns. Do some keyword research to see what terms have a higher search volume at this time of the year. Google’s Keyword Planner tool is great for finding search volumes along with the competition surrounding that term.

Partnered with keyword research, you should consider how the trends of search terms change depending on the season. The Google Trends site allows you to input a keyword or phrase which returns interests in the terms over the selected time period. You can see in the image below that interest in the term ‘ppc agency’ increases in late July but drops again in August.

Interest Over Time Graph

With an understanding of search term interest and search volumes, you can edit your campaigns to include the best performing terms, or even build new campaigns from popular terms.

Learn from your Competitors

Another great way to optimise your campaigns for summer is to take a look at what your competitors are doing. Perhaps they may be including summer-related images in their ads or releasing July offers. If you can work out what they are doing well and echo this in your marketing campaigns, you can reach similar audiences to get ahead of the game.

Make a Calendar of Key Summer Events

A lot goes on over summer; schools closing for summer holiday, festivals, Bank Holiday’s and Back to School. If you know when these key events are, you can develop ways to reach users when they are most likely to purchase. For example, if you are advertising for a Family Theme Park, at the start of the summer holidays, your adverts could promote family ticket deals and fun days out for kids. Additionally, you can create custom audiences to reach people that you believe are in that demographic or show interest in the events.

Marketing is largely about being ahead of the game. So, get your calendar ready and identify who, what and when.

Implement Google’s Weather Ad Adjustment API

As we all know, the British weather can be tropical sunshine one day to raining the next. Did you know that you can set your adverts to change in AdWords based on the weather forecast? Maybe its forecast to rain, you can set your ads for waterproof clothing to show. Then the next day it is sunny, you can set adverts for beach clothing to appear. And the best part? It does this all dynamically, without any human changes needed!

To do this in AdWords, the API is used with a special weather adjustment script. But, don’t worry it’s not too technical! Find out how to implement this script here on our technical page.

Whatever the season, campaign optimisation is key for reaching your users year-round. These tips are a great place to start when getting your campaigns ready this summer.