Many small businesses rely on their Google My Business to attract users to their locations, whether it is a chain of restaurants or a brand of small shops. Google My Business (GMB) boosts your brand visibility with the goal of getting customers to your physical stores.

So, you’ve set up your GMB listing but you aren’t seeing an increase in results. What can you do now?

Ensure your Address is Standardised for GMB

Although you may have inputted your address accurately, it may not be in line with Google’s standards which use the layout of the United States Postal Service. With an incorrect address, this could prove fatal to the results you see from your GMB listing.

By ensuring your address is correctly shown, it makes it easier for customers to find your locations.

Is your Geocode Correct?

GMB uses Geocodes to identify where your listing appears on Google Maps, with this Geocode showing incorrectly, Google could be pointing your customers to a completely different location to your business.

Correcting your Geocode could be the difference between lots of traffic and none at all.

Is your Content Engaging to Users?

With a GMB listing, the account should be updated regularly, with frequent new content to engage users. For example, a blog post that is live on your website can show on your GMB listing, demonstrating to your customers that you are an active and exciting business. Posts like these can be made on the GMB posts dashboard.

Upload Images of your Business

Does your GMB profile look plain with little or no images? Customers love to see photos of your business and the products they can buy there! By uploading images of your locations, traffic will increase and local ranking with heighten.

GMB Blue Thirst

Encourage Customers to Write Reviews

Over 88% of local consumers read reviews prior to visiting a business to determine the quality and over 39% read reviews on a regular basis*. If you are reading these statistics thinking- “But my GMB has no reviews!- fear not.

It is easier than ever to encourage users to leave reviews on your GMB profile. There are many ways to go about this; be it asking every customer that buys from you to leave a review, offering an incentive such as 10% off their next purchase or even using location targeting to encourage review writing.

Once you have these reviews, it is vital to respond to each review. Google encourages responses to negative and positive reviews as this will reflect on your brand values.

Every review, be it good or bad, will help establish a brand for your business.

So there you have some top tips to boost performance of your Google My Business profile. Remember, to attain traffic you have to make it as easy as possible for customers to find you.