Did you know that personalised ads have higher conversion rates?

Over the last few years the number of ways to personalise your ads has grown exponentially. You can now personalise text ads with ad customizers, banner ads with customer data feeds and many more. Generic ads and keywords alone are no longer cutting it, especially in competitive markets.

If you have a hotel site, you could use banners to remarket specific hotels that your customers looked at or a range of hotels in a specific location. If you’re a clothes retailer you could show banners for specific items or categories someone was looking at. 26% of people who abandon their shopping cart will return to purchase when they’re retargeted with ads for the brand and items they were looking at. If you’re selling a weather-based product, such as outdoor clothing, you could use an ad customizer to adjust the message of your text ad. The more relevant your message, the more site traffic and conversions you will get.  

A 2016 study completed by Adobe found that 78% of users liked seeing personalised ads more than generic advertising. While a Yahoo study also found that 54% felt more engaged by personalised advertising.

With the privacy scandal caused by Cambridge Analytica and previously mentioned in one of our ‘Privacy Revolution‘ blog post. Some users are apprehensive about hyper personalised ads, so you must be careful when deciding how personal to get. Too personal and users may block your ads.

But the overwhelming response from the public and the data is that personalising your ads can only benefit your business. For a bonus you should also be considering personalised landing pages. A study by Econsultancy found that 93% of businesses saw an uplift in conversion rates by using personalised landing pages.

If you aren’t using personalised ads, you should start testing them today.