Last month, Pinterest released a series of updates to their Advertising platform. Pinterest has a range of existing ad types, including the ‘Promoted Pin’, where an image can be boosted. Through the Pinterest Ads Manager platform, advertisers can build and target adverts. These have recently seen some big updates.

Promote Carousel Ads

In October, Pinterest announced a brand-new ad format, called the Promoted Carousel. Pinterest released that this ad type ‘allows businesses to tap into that mindset with immersive experiences’. The ads will appear in a feed, just like the Promoted Pins, however, users will be able to swipe through a series of images on the Carousel cards.

Within the ad, 5 images can be shown which allow advertisers to tell a story about the product or brand. This new ad format is a great way to generate both traffic and conversions.

carousel ad

The Carousel ad format is now available to every advertiser, and you can start building these in the Ads Manager.

Updates to advertising tools

Pinterest have also released a host of updates to assist advertisers. These updates have been released as a set of ‘self-serve’ tools, making it easy for anyone to get started on Pinterest.
There have been 10 new tools released, so we have summarised the 3 most promising.

1. Ad Testing
In this update, a testing and optimising feature was released. This will allow advertisers to setup A/B testing environments of the ads against different factors, such as ad copy, to see which perform best.

2. Better audience forecast tools
The update of the Audience Insight tool allows accurate forecasts to be made on the size and return of the target audience. This will make it easier for advertisers to identify their most successful audience, depending on the goals of their campaigns.

3. Track influence on your page
Advertisers can now monitor their monthly page viewers which gives insights to your ‘influence’ on the site. This is a great way to assess Brand Awareness on how your page has grown in viewers.

These above updates are now live on Pinterest and will help advertisers create campaigns efficiently and measure the success. We’re most looking forward to trying out the new Carousel Ad format and delivering a brand story through these.