Covid has hugely effected businesses this year and it’s not over yet. It’s easy to talk post-Covid now that places are reopening but there’s still a chance of a second wave. While things are looking up it’s important to make moves to pandemic proof your business.

Today we’ve compiled some stats about the impact of Covid:

  1. July UK retail footfall down 39% year-on-year despite restaurants and cafes reopening
  2. B&Q and Screwfix owner Kingfisher sees 225% growth in online sales in June
  3. 40% of those who have returned to UK shops find the in-store experience ‘less enjoyable’ than before Covid-19
  4. UK lockdown drives 48% Q2 decline in traditional ad spend
  5. Global ad spend predicted to fall 11.8% in 2020
  6. Just 7% of UK brands are ‘seizing the opportunity’ to invest more in marketing
  7. 55% of British consumers think brands are taking advantage of the pandemic


  1. 63% of respondents confirm their SEO budgets were redistributed.


Overall Covid has impacted business from every angle. Footfall is down and consumers find the in-store experience ‘less enjoyable’. Online sales have increased dramatically, and traditional ad spend has seen a decline. Only 7% of UK brands are increasing their investment in marketing and site owners have moved away from SEO services.

What you should take from this is that online is King in a Covid world. Consumers aren’t comfortable shopping in-stores, so you need to be growing your online presence and store. If you still don’t have a website, get one. Then you need to start using digital marketing to sell your product. CPC’s are still low with some brands yet to return to their online marketing strategies so it’s a great time to find what works for you.

If you’re a restaurant or a business who can’t operate online, then you need to work on your content strategy. Be active on social media. Tell and show the public how you’re keeping them safe. You don’t have to provide financial incentives to bring people back. But you do need to be honest. 55% of UK Consumers think brands are taking advantage during the pandemic, so it’s essential to be honest. Consumers want to help businesses, especially local ones. So let them know how to help!


  • If you can run your business online you should be
  • Traditional marketing is on it’s way out – people are on their phones more because of social distancing rules and stay home orders.
  • You need to be where your customers are. Whether that is organic or paid activity it’s up to you.
  • Don’t be afraid to allocate some budget to marketing. If you’re in need of customers, digital marketing done right will help.
  • Be honest about your struggles and what you need from your customers. They will want to help in anyway they can. This is especially true for local small businesses.