Twitter is the perfect social media platform for brands to create an impression of who they are and what they stand for. On Twitter, accounts can portray humour, professionalism and character and for many brands it is a place for them to be more fun.

Representing your brand on Twitter should be an extension from core brand values. The way your brand is presented to the world through products, websites and adverts shapes the overall impression of the brand and act as a way to tell customers and audiences what your brand is about.

The ability to have a more relaxed approach regarding brand message is possible on Twitter. One massive bonus is that brands can have multiple accounts associated with their company. Many brands operate under a separate account for their customer support. This gives them the freedom to come across more personable and relatable on their main accounts.

With 37% of Twitter users being between 18 and 29, it is the perfect platform to connect and interact with a younger audience. Many brands that fully immerse themselves in Twitter tend to play towards this younger audience, incorporating memes, jokes and sometimes a bit of cheek.

One brand which has excelled on Twitter is innocent drinks. By being playful and cheeky the brand has played to its strengths and channelled what is evident from their site and adverts: they’re having a bit of fun. The brand is charming in the way it presents itself and does so in a way that encourages audiences to interact. With more than double the amount of Twitter followers to Instagram followers it’s clear that the brand has really found a reactive and responsive audience on the platform.

Twitter image of innocent smoothies

Similarly, over in America the fast food chain Wendy’s has an equally cheeky Twitter account, whose Tweets gain a lot of attention which goes beyond Twitter. Screenshots of the Tweets appear across other social media platforms with users commenting their love for the less serious approach they take towards their accounts.

Twitter image of Wendys

Creating a Twitter account or utilising an existing one can be really beneficial to your brand, so get Tweeting!