All too often you can have a great sales team, but simply not enough leads to fulfil their time or your sales numbers. We will ensure that your team are run off their feet with new sales leads.

In this article, we will explain how you can advertise your holiday homes for sale to generate leads for your customer database.

Your Lead Process

Firstly, you must have a process for nurturing customer leads and moving them down a conversion journey. Before you start any kind of online advertising, you must have a structure in place that will keep a customer engaged and set on the end goal of buying a holiday home from you.

If you are using email marketing to contact your leads, ensure your email journeys are developed enough to not lose opens but not too overbearing. Consider sending a welcome email with a range of homes available, then a few days later send a follow up email asking if they would like to book a call.

Or, if your lead process relies solely on phone calls from your sales team to them, ensure you have a robust CRM (customer relationship management) system in place. This will store your leads and be your central address book for selling your homes.

Your Proposition

For the initial stage of getting a lead, you need to make sure your proposition is strong enough to engage with customers. Everybody loves a freebie so why not include a free brochure of your holiday homes or offer them a free tour of your park to view the homes.

Your proposition could be the difference between getting a lead and making a sale to losing that person’s interest.

Getting the Leads

Once your process is in place and you know your proposition, you want to start thinking about how best to advertise your holiday homes to generate leads. At Blue Thirst, we recommend using Facebook Ads as your lead generation platform. If setup correctly with specific audience targeting, you will be able to get leads for an affordable price with much higher conversion rates than a form on your website.

As Facebook lead generation ads do not take a user off Facebook, you tend to get less drop offs in the conversion journey and those that fill it out will be people actually interested in buying a home. This means more leads for you, and ensures a high quality customer.

How do you get started?

Here at Blue Thirst, we can create bespoke lead generation ads for you where we pay the media and you only pay for the leads you receive. We’re not kidding. This means zero risk for you and a guarantee of high quality leads delivered at a pre-agreed price.

Contact us today to start talking about generating leads for your holiday homes.