It has been announced this week that Google Ads is rolling out Video in Showcase Shopping Ads. These ad formats will combine PLA image ads with video ads on YouTube, to deliver YouTube ads with a twist.

What are Showcase Shopping Ads?

Showcase Shopping ads are image-filled shopping ads which allow brands to group together related products. For example, if you have a range of outdoor clothing and accessories, this ad format allows you to show coats, walking boots and walking socks in one advert.

With this new feature, advertisers can now include videos in these ads to show the product in action.

How do these ad formats work?

To make Showcase Shopping Ads, advertisers will need to create a new Shopping campaign and select ‘Showcase Shopping’. Ad groups will need to be created in product groups that you want to appear in the ad together. You will be charged when a user clicks on the ad and spends 10 seconds on the ad.

Images used in these ads must be in PNG/JPG format less than 5MB in size. The videos used must be hosted on YouTube and a link to the video will be needed.

Google Showcase Shopping Ad Example for summer dresses

Why use Video in Showcase Ads?

You might be thinking, why should I use a video when images are sufficient? Videos are a great way to visually engage users, providing they are sleek and deliver an effective message. Scripted have found that a video increases a user’s chance of purchasing by up to 85%.

With that figure, what is there to lose?