Is the increased competition in the UK Holidays sector causing a drop in your 2021 bookings? We will generate leads for your UK holidays and undercut competitors. Plus at a fraction of the price!

In this blog post we’ll give you some tips and tricks on the best campaigns to run to make 2021 your best year yet for bookings!

Plan Ahead

First things first, before you start running any campaigns you need to have a plan in mind for at least the next few months, if not longer. You should have planned your media budgets for campaigns, be aware what type of customer will be booking when and your special offers you will have on. This is vital for getting bookings all year round, especially if you know when to start advertising for a specific audience.

Once your plan is finished, you can start to think about the best digital activities for your breaks.

Holiday Bookings are Digital

It’s no surprise that the most common way that holidays are booked is online. In fact, more than 81% of holidays were booked online in 2018, with only 15% booking on the phone or in store (ABTA). And you’re still wondering why you should be running digital marketing ads?

By having a strong online presence, both trough paid and organic methods, you make yourself visible to future customers looking to book their next break. Ensure you have social media pages set up for your company that you post on regularly. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the most important.

Get their attention early

Even though a group of your customer base might not be looking to book for two months, you can still get the ads in front of them and get their attention. This could be via a brand YouTube video ad or a Page Like ad on Facebook. By getting their awareness early in the buying journey, this will enforce your brand recognition when you come to sell them your breaks.

Generate Leads for Your Database

Getting leads for your database could just be the most valuable thing you do all year with your marketing budget. The process of attaining leads through digital marketing ads opens up many doors to you. Firstly, you populate your database with customers interested in your breaks which you can contact soon or later, whenever fits your plan.  Secondly, this could be the cheapest way for you to get leads out of all other marketing activities.

Let’s say you are trying to sell a one week holiday for £700. If you used a YouTube ad to get bookings, you might get a CPA of £15 or more. However, with Facebook lead generation ads you can hit CPAs of less than £7. That’s just 1% of the cost of the holiday!

However, in order to generate these leads you need to make a strong proposition than will encourage people to give you their contact details. Whether this is a brochure, newsletter subscription or even a discount code when they book a holiday – the more appealing you make the deal, the more leads you will get.

Are you looking for advice on boosting your holiday bookings this year? Get in touch with Blue Thirst today for a no-obligation chat on the best digital marketing strategy for you.